• May is Mental Health Awareness Month!
    We are in the swing of mental health awareness month. As a treating clinical psychologist, our practice has seen a sharp spike in the number of people suffering from anxiety, Read more
  • episode 1 mind body therapeutic podcast
    Join Karen, Host of Cocktails and Convos and Mind Body Therapeutics Podcast for an intimate discussion with Dr. Jane Statander LCSW, PsyD. We discuss domestic violence and the warning signs that lead up to an unhealthy relationship. If you oranyone you know is a victim of domestic violence please call the national domestic violence hotline for help 1-800-799-7233. Read more
  • The Holistic Approach to Clinical Behavioral Health
    Our practice Mind Body Therapeutics is frequently asked: what is meant by a Holistic Approach to Behavioral Health therapy and what makes it different than what another practice offers?  We thought Read more
  • The Holistic Importance of the Brain-Stomach Connection
    The vagus nerve runs directly from the brain to the gut area. This is important because what happens to and in your brain such as trauma, difficult events, and how Read more
  • The Psychobiology of Hopefulness
    What are the characteristics of hopeful people? They have strategies for living their lives; are motivated; have belief in themselves, a higher power or others; feel personal power; regulate their Read more
  • Mindfulness and Positive Psychology
    The practice of mindfulness is part of a contemporary area of psychology called Positive Psychology. Positive Psychology seeks to help promote happiness and the creation of a future based on Read more
  • Nutritional Psychiatry and Brain- Body Health
    What we put into our bodies as solids and liquids------food and drink-----can cause us to feel, think, and behave better or worse, good or bad.  Even the field of psychiatry, Read more
  • Our Holiday Season, You, and Dopamine
    Anna Lembke, Stanford University psychiatrist, in her new book, Dopamine Nation:  Finding Balance, reminds us that, in our culture today, we are constantly reminded to avoid pain or discomfort at Read more
  • Mindfulness - Change How we Feel by Changing How We Think
    Thoughts affect the body, brain and feelings.  What we think can make us sick or make us well. Negative thinking is at the root of psychological stress, anxiety, mood disorders, Read more
  • Neurofeedback - An Integrative Overview
    Neurofeedback is a computer-driven technology that takes advantage of the brain’s neuroplasticity.  This means that the brain can change at any age until the day of death.  It used to Read more

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