Our Staff

  • Josh Statlander - MBA
    Operations & Business Development

    Josh is MBTs'  'Gate Keeper' - He put into motion this
    community-care life-force. He is a service-oriented professional tasked with expanding and safeguarding the Mind Body Therapeutics Holistic Behavioral Health and Wellness group practice.

    His varied professional career in the Military, Operations, Sales/Marketing, and Hospitality Management provide MBT with a hyper-focused but mindful approach to managing an expanding community Behavioral Health group practice.

  • Dr.
    Jane Statlander-Slote LCSW, PsyD
    Clinical Director

    Licensed Clinical Social Worker LCSW 17253

    Dr. Jane is MBTs' Clinical Director who supervises the clinicians in MBTs' multiple locations in three counties. She is a dedicated clinician striving to grow MBTs'  programs while greatly improving people's lives.

    Dr Jane has a Clinical Masters of Social Work Degree from Walden University, a Psy.D. degree from California Southern University and is just prior to completing her PhD in Clinical Sexology from the Sex Therapy Institute Sarasota FL. She also holds a Functional Nutrition Lab credential from the FN Alliance.

    As a Psychotherapist & Mental Health Counselor, Dr Jane specializes in Sex Therapy,LGBTQ, Transgender Care, and Gender ID issues. She also focuses on all types of trauma and Asperger Syndrome.

    Dr Jane utilizes; Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Rapid Resolution Trauma Therapy, Trauma Therapy & Psychotherapy, Rewind Trauma Therapy, Ego States Trauma Therapy and Hypnotherapy.  (You may find additional credentials at the end of this page)

    Dr. Jane treats: Adults, Children, Teens, Older Adults, Couples, Families & Groups.

  • Dr.
    Amanda Jensen
    Licensed Clinical Psychologist

    Dr. Jensen graduated magna cum laude with a Doctor of Psychology from the Minnesota Professional School of Psychology. Her studies emphasis was on clinical psychology and industrial-organizational psychology. Her clinical work is centered on child development and parenting, young adulthood and college, career assessment and leadership development, anxiety disorders and depression, substance use disorders and group therapy, spirituality, trauma, and wellness. Amanda utilizes an eclectic and flexible approach to treating each client, and leans on therapy approaches such as schema-oriented, cognitive-behavioral, solution-focused, positive psychology, DBT, client-centered, and other evidence-based interventions.  

    Dr. Jensen primarily treats: Children, Adolescents, Adults, and Couples.

  • Stephanie Sammons LMHC, MCAP
    Lic. Mental Health Counselor & ML Addictions Professional

    Stephanie completed her Master’s Degree in Counseling, focusing on Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Messiah College in Pennsylvania and her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology focusing on Addiction and Recovery from Liberty University in Virginia. Stephanie holds a Master Certified Addiction Professional (MCAP) credential and offers Christian Counseling as an Ordained Minister with POWER Ministries International.

    Stephanie believes that each person is unique and tailors each treatment plan to meet their individual needs. She has a solid background in inpatient stabilization, residential, outpatient and community-based settings. Stephanie works at the client's relative pace. She will identify, challenge, and work through the difficulties that hinder you from living a fulfilling life.
    Stephanie focuses on cognition-focused therapeutic styles, including; acceptance and commitment therapy, rationale motive behavior therapy, cognitive therapy, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, strength-based cognitive behavioral therapy.

    Stephanie works with adults, adolescents, couples and groups. She offers Telehealth counseling as well as in-office sessions by appointment at our Stuart location.

  • Nancy Polites LCSW, EFT Adv Practitioner
    Licensed Clinical Social Worker - Stuart

    Nancy is a graduate of Bryn Mawr College, Pennsylvania in the field of Clinical Social Work. She is a Florida licensed psychotherapist, serving clients for over 25 years.  Nancy is an strong advocate for mind-body healing; integrating healthy lifestyles, emotional self-regulation and energy therapy to ease anxiety, phobias, and other stresses.

    Nancy’s primary focus is client-centered, with therapy sessions that begin with an emphasis on learning the individual’s and couple’s intentions and goals.  Together, a willingness is created to release stuck feelings or ways of unhealthy management of feelings in order to move toward improved life choices—these are considered an important outcome for each client.  

    Nancy’s love and respect for her clients is an important asset as she supports positive and healthy outcomes. These are always based on the client's desires, goals and expectations once trust and respect are mutually established.  Nancy welcomes you to join her as a collaborative partner for your best life.

    Nancy treats: Individuals, Couples & Groups both physically and virtually.

  • Alisa McGee LCSW
    Licensed Clinical Social Worker - Palm Bay Office

    Alisa graduated the Professional School of Social Work at Barry University with an emphasis in Mental Health. Her extensive inpatient and outpatient clinical career of fifteen years at St. Mary's Medical Center-Institute for Mental Health, Health First Holmes Regional Medical Center and Magellan Health amongst others has focused on anxiety and depression ,substance use, child behaviors/development and parenting along with crisis intervention.

    Alisa provides: Mental Health/Behavioral Health Counseling, Psychotherapy, Trauma focused Therapy, Substance use, Christian Counseling, Race-based Trauma, Anxiety/Depression and COVID19 stress-related factors.

    Alisa works with: children, young adults, college age adults, couples, geriatrics, families, substance use population and groups. She offers in-person and virtual appointments.

  • Ricardo Joassaint
    Clinical Social Worker - RISW

    Ricardo graduated with honors from Barry University with a Master's in Clinical Social Work.  He is United States Marine Corps veteran dedicated to delivering therapeutic excellence to our veterans, our most vulnerable and those in need.

    Ricardo is highly experienced in both inpatient VA and residential PHP or intensive outpatient settings. Ricardo develops individualized treatment plans taking into account his clients' unique cultural norms and sensitivities whilst improving his clients' commitment to the treatment plan focused on defined objectives.

    Ricardo communicates compassionately in English, French, Creole or the Spanish language. His language skills assist him to facilitate rapport and build strong therapeutic relationships with clients and communities the group practice serves.

    Ricardo provides: Mental Health/Behavioral Health Counseling, Psychotherapy,Trauma focused Therapy, Substance use, Anxiety/Depression, COVID19 related and other stress-related factors.

    Ricardo works with: adults, couples, families substance use population and groups.

  • Lori Ann Archer B.S
    Educator - Brain Training and Learning Center

    Lori Ann Archer is a Florida State Licensed Educator and licensed PACE and iLs provider. Through IBrainTrain LLC , Lori provides MBT clients with Brain Training and Educational Advancement services. The main goal being; optimizing one’s peak brain performance while closing any existing learning gaps. Her background in education allows her to provide a comprehensive plan to equip her clients with a strong cognitive foundation, the hub of one’s daily functioning and learning. 

    Lori holds a B.S. degree in Elementary Education from Brooklyn College NY along with a Florida state educator’s license and endorsements in both reading and gifted education. Lori is continuing her education towards pursuing a Ph.D in Psychology at Keiser University.

    Lori works with clients ages 4 - Geriatric.
    Lori's 30 year dedicated and caring approach is a reliable gift for all.

    …….Better Learning, Lifetime Achievement.

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