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Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching                               

Functional medicine seeks to look at the big picture of health by rebuilding physiological functioning. Amazingly, the largest therapeutic toolbox available to the functional medicine physician is food!

But...What is functional nutrition?                                           

The terms ‘functional medicine’ and ‘functional nutrition’ are often used interchangeably, but they aren’t the same. Functional medicine is a far-reaching medical approach that sees and treats health problems as a part of a system breakdown in your body. It’s an individualized, patient-centered, science-based approach to healthcare, which looks at genetic, biochemical, and lifestyles factors to create personalized treatment plans in order to improve your health.

Functional nutrition has its base in functional medicine. It looks at the foundational way that food affects your body on the cellular level, while highlighting the ways that certain food is the cause of many of your physical problems, as well as the ways that other types of food can be the solution to those problems. Its main function is to support you and educate you in what’s going on in your body, and how making a targeted diet and lifestyle modifications can drastically change your health and your life!

Your lifestyle is established by your needs, motivations, desires and objectives. It is influenced by several important factors such as culture, relationships, social class, environment at home, at school and at work (both from past and present experiences) among many other factors.

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What's a functional nutrition and lifestyle coach for?

The role of a functional nutrition and lifestyle coach is not to diagnose, prescribe or treat. Instead, it’s to understand your whole persona, based on your history, environment, and habits, and educate you on how your health issues arose, and how you can improve your health. In order to give you nutrition recommendations, a functional nutrition and lifestyle practitioner looks at your nutrient deficiencies, system imbalances, and lifestyle factors. Once you understand the context, you can assuredly move in the direction of root cause resolution, instead of chasing symptoms only.

Functional nutrition recognizes that your health history, genetic makeup and lifestyle, is unique. Therefore, you need an individualized plan to achieve your optimal health. A diet can be hugely successful for one individual and a disaster for another, no matter if it’s a vegan diet, low-carb, low-fat, Mediterranean, vegetarian, Paleo... Because of that, functional nutrition acknowledges an enormous selection of food plans and then tailors a dietary approach based on your physiological needs and personal preferences.

The five main principles of a functional nutrition plan include:

  1. Fill Up on Essential Nutrients
  2. Avoid Toxicity within your living conditions
  3. Prioritize Quality Foods
  4. Prioritize Gut Health
  5. Cultivate and maintain your bodys' Microbiome

Over 80 percent of your immune system is located in the gut, and without it functioning properly you are at risk for infections, autoimmune diseases, hormone imbalances and feeling run-down.

Functional Nutrition

These are some of the steps to determine what dietary changes are the best for you:

  • Review of current diet and lifestyle habits
  • Review of previous medical testing and results
  • Nutrient test to gauge potential deficiencies.
  • Comprehensive evaluation of previous medical history


These are some of the plans that Functional Nutrition offers:

  • Core Food Plan: a healthy balance of quality protein, fats, and carbohydrate with a diversity of beneficial and phytonutrient rich fruits and vegetables to establish a baseline healthy eating plan.
  • Elimination Diet: helps to uncover which food or foods may be causing adverse food reactions, whether it is due to true allergy, intolerance, or sensitivity.
  • Detox Food Plan: reduces intake of common food triggers, and focuses on long-term nutritional support of the major body systems involved with detoxification, such as the gut, liver, and kidneys

Just to name a few…


If you are looking to improve your health by balancing your food intakes, at the same time that you improve your lifestyle in general, then a Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach is the right choice for you!

We are the health underground. Let’s understand what makes us sick. Let’s understand what makes us well. Grab control of your health! Grab control of your life!

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